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    America-Turkey virtual servers

    Our Active Services; America and Turkey location hosting and virtual server services • Linux Web Hosting Service • Reseller Web Hosting Services • VPS Servers Service • SSD VDS Servers
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    Daily Backup Hosting

    Hello, I recently had a problem with the hosting company I work with regarding backup. All my data in the last 2 weeks is gone. That's why I want to change my hosting company in order not to experience the same problem again.
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    Low VRAM?

    My graphics card is Intel Iris Xe grapchics Dedicated Video RAM(VRAM) too low(128mb) Is there any way to increase this?
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    If I learn PHP while learning CSS

    I am currently learning CSS and learned the basics (Selectors, positioning, borders etc). How about if I learn PHP at the same time as the CSS information I will put on top of it from now on? Or is it better to switch to PHP after learning a bit more about CSS? In short, simultaneously or...
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    Hello friends. I can't install PHP on Mac OS Monterey. -----I require php but it's not installed. Install it. Abortion-----. I keep getting this error. Can you please help?
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    Looking for teammate who knows PHP

    Hello friends. I'm looking for a teammate with at least 1.5 years of experience with PHP who can work with me for a fee on many projects. I work as a freelancer and I want to set up a team environment and work bigger. Experienced PHP and MySQL worked with PHP framework structures. I would be...
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    Agriculture and Technology Fair opened in Tekirdağ

    Agriculture and Technology Fair was opened in Tekirdag with the participation of Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Ebubekir Secretgider. Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Ebubekir Secretgder, AK Party Tekirdağ Deputy Çiğdem Koncagül, Tekirdağ Governor Aziz Yıldırım and...
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    I saw an ad in the field of technology

    Friends, I saw an ad today and I thought that friends in this forum could benefit. It passed me, but there are those who want to advance in technology, those who are interested in this field, so I thought I'd post it. Casper has opened an ad for those who want to improve themselves in this...
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    Positive Technology Help

    Hello, I didn't quite understand. (Positive Technology) as the 1st; We will buy the iPad 9th generation address type; We will make my delivery and billing address Secondly; I am a student. Instead of invoice information, we will write our own name, surname and tc identity, or will it write our...
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    Youtube 4k stuck on rendering

    Youtube is stuck in 4k processing and it has been like this for 30 minutes, is this a problem, can friends who know how to upload videos tell me?
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    Are unlimited internets valid on youtube vanced?

    Hi aleyküm, my tariff will expire in a few days. Vodafone has unlimited social media and youtube packages, are they used in youtube vanced or are they only valid in youtube application?
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    My youtube comments are not showing

    Guys, I'm replying to someone on youtube on the wire, I'm renewing, my comment is disappearing, what should I do?
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    Phone Suggestion

    Hello friends, I'm thinking of buying a new phone, the phone I'm looking at right now is Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro. I don't play a lot of games. I play LoL or 8 ball pool for 1 or 2.30 hours. I don't play PUBG much. Which phone do you think I can buy for this price? i watch movies outside
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    Design change in Phone app from Google

    Google has made a design change in the Phone application it developed for voice calls on Android devices. The search section, which has become more functional compared to the old design, has started to be tested with limited users. Applications that perform basic functions often serve users for...
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    I can't remove my Discord phone number

    In Discord, my phone number is in another account, but I cannot remove my phone number, there is no remove option, where do I remove my number?
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    iPhone X takes speckled photos

    Hello, I have an iPhone iPhone X, the photo is taken like this, is the problem with the camera or the camera glass?
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    Is a photo mandatory on a new ID for a 15 year old?

    Hello, I'm 15 years old. I'm going to switch from the old identity to the new identity. Is a photo compulsory for me in the new identity card?
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    Remote burst photography

    Friends, I want to put the phone and take a series of photos remotely, but I cannot press the button of the phone because I will pose at that time and I want it to take a series of photos. My phone is vivo y21
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    How to cancel domain after 1 year?

    Hello friends, I bought a 1-year domain from natro and I don't plan to use it after 1 year. How can we cancel without paying?
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    Is there a domain age limit?

    Hello friends, I will buy a domain for my site, but they all want T.C. I am 17 years old, will there be any problems?